I continuously challenge who I am – always in search of my better self. When it comes to my art I attempt to acknowledge what I do well but also identify barriers and habits that I would like to acknowledge to produce paintings that are more expressive, immediate and direct. I don’t have prescribed thoughts as to how this will happen. There are immediacies of the moment – thinking and not thinking - experiencing bursts of expressive creative energy.  There is a process of creating, destructing and creating.

I paint figures. There is attraction to the physical, sexual and emotional context that is part of our lives.  It provides me, perhaps, with a means to express and capture my intensity and well-being at any time.

I like working big—a canvas big enough to allow me to be expansive and physical. Painting is my way to not be quiet, a way to let people know me and how I view the world. My paintings capture the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, observed or experienced, framed in a particular setting or moment in time.

I paint as an extension of the moment; the process is less cerebral and more emotional. Someone might describe it as action painting – painting exceptionally but not fully aware of what is happening. Painting is a lifeline; its music that lifts me up.

My finished paintings are always a surprise to me, and often, very different from my original idea. I’ve learned to accept the fact that the way I paint is a process; it’s problem-solving and accepting the dynamics of the paint and the canvas in front of me.

I started out in formative years wanting to have a definitive image of what to paint, beginning with it drawn on a canvas.  I wanted to paint paintings that most would consider easily digestible  – more palatable to the every day eye. I just could not work within the box, the confines of the images and a set image.  I needed to work larger to allow for big strokes and energetic expressions. I no longer begin a canvas with images carefully drawn; instead it’s a minimalist approach – a few lines or none at all.

This is just who I am. I’ve known since I was I a child that I wanted to paint. Perhaps it is genetic. My grandmother painted and her father. According to family lore, he studied art in Odessa, Russia before immigrating to the US.